Using Gmail as a server

I’m not sure if this would work, and it sounds like a crazy idea, but i have an extra gmail account (free 1000 MB storage), and i wonder if it would be possible to use to upload and download blender work. If the address was let’s sasy [email protected], and the password was elysiun, then everyone could share their files by using one account

Is this a possiblity?, or is it needed?, if so let me know

I think google would shun the idea, like they don’t like apps to notify you of having e-mail [because of the increased load]

the expectation for gmail is for it to be used for email, not for a file server
[which has significantly higher requirements, they cannot expect that nearly nobody would use all the space avalible anymore…]

Google would probably hate it, but there is already a python script out there that lets you use gmail as if it were ftp :slight_smile:

Cool, can you give an url to the script? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Don’t be evil” :stuck_out_tongue:

W00t, got 6 invites left thinks 7000 GB total :stuck_out_tongue: jk