Using IBL with plain background

Hi, just a quick question.

Is it possible to render an object using image based lighting, but without actually rendering the world image? What I mean is, is it possible to say, keep the background green but have the object rendered as if there was a HDRI lighting it? Thanks

You could render RGBA and comp the background after. Haven’t used IBL with BI so maybe able to do it another way. :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry I forgot to mention I’m using Yafray 0.9, if you know a way of doing with that? It’s not absolutely crucial as I can always use Photoshop after, but it would be a time-saver.

The RGBA toggle in blender’s render panel works with Yafray .009 from memory. So you can get an alpha channel then comp the background in after. Reflective materials will have the world hdr reflected in them so maybe don’t render glass with reflection/mirror and comp reflections in with Photoshop after as well.

If nothing else works, you could always place a shadeless plane behind your image as a background.