Using Image as Background in Render

I can’t seem to get an image to show up as a background in my render. I’ve gone into the materials tab, selected the little “world” icon at the top, created a new texture - type of “image or movie”, Then in the “images” section, I’ve navigated to my image. Under Mapping, I’ve selected “view”. I’m rendering RGB (no alpha).
And it doesn’t work at all. From everything I’ve read, it should work, but there are clearly steps or settings which are not described.
In the World Tab, if I select “paper sky” and “Blend sky”, the image is kinda there, but it’s like a photo-negative.
Any thoughts? I appreciate any suggestions.

In the Texture Influence panel, select Horizon

Yes, this seems to be the missing puzzle piece. Thank you, Richard. I appreciate your awesomeness.