Using image folder as video frames source

I use Toon Boom Animate (not Pro) to do my animations. The non-Pro version doesn’t do full 3d transformations which is infinitely helpful. It does allow you to export all frames of an animation as images, though. I figure I can use both instead of spending $1200 to upgrade to Pro. Between the two programs I have all of the features of Pro, plus a lot more.

Is there any way to use a folder as a video frames source in Blender to create animated textures?

I apologize. I figured it out. It was far easier than I thought. Just make sure you create a material using an image as the source. In “texture buttons” select sequence on the far right. All files that follow the naming convention 01, 02, 03, .etc. will become part of the animation. Everything else will be grey.

Yep, and remember that Blender has a 21 character limit for file names. Not the path. The file itself. That is why long named image sequence may fail to load.

Just about every Blender user in the world uses image sequences all over the place.