Using image to drive density, roughness, kink and other input in grooming

I have been learning grooming lately with Maya and Houdini. And this got to me that blender still uses a weight map to drive the various input maps such as density, kink, roughness, clumps.

Is it possible that we get to use images(black and white) maps to drives these inputs? The point is the weight map is hard to use when you have a low-density mesh. Panting vertex map is valuable when you have a high fidelity model but with that too there’s a bit of an issue.

Also, now that we have UDIMS support it will be great to use this image maps feature, right?

I don’t know if there’s a better way to groom characters using external addons whiles using the particle system. It would be a great help if you know any or how.

I would love to hear your opinions as well. Thanks

It’s been a while since I have had to do that, and I certainly don’t know since UDIM support was added, but in the past I created a feathered creature, and at least some of these properties were controllable with an image map, density for sure, at least. Crack it open and take a look, it worked surprisingly well for my purposes at the time.

Here was a similar question:

But of course there are also addons for Blender:

Thanks man! But how do you know that particular texture is for density or clump or any other inputs. It’s like a list of texture slot.

But anyway I will do some RnD to see how it work. Thanks for sharing and oh I have seen the other links shared.

Its in texture properties under influence