using iMovie 09 to edit Blender productions?

I’m considering using iMovie 09 for some of my editing work. I realize that iMovie is in many ways a toy, but there are features that I like about it. It seems to be very fast for a lot of meat and potatoes chores.

However, since it’s intended for use with a cam corder, you’re stuck with certain things, like pre-set HD sizes and either 30fps NTSC, or 25fps PAL.

My 3D work is at 24fps, so I wonder if working in PAL 25fps would be close enough?

Has anyone done this? or is the whole idea silly? Video editors aren’t cheap, and the free ones have the advantage of being free.

Then there’s Blender’s built-in editor, which I haven’t even messed with yet.




my daughter,, uses Blender VSE to edit all her HD movies. She is 18 though and has her dad as a fan to teach her…so dunno how that compares to you.

well, I am not an 18 year old girl. :slight_smile:

are you saying that she uses Blender VSE to edit all of her video? Blender clips and whatever cam corder video she shoots?


yup. i wrote a batch file where she pops in her flash chip from her camcorder, and it creates a project folder, copies over a standard intro and outro, uses ffmpeg and Sox audio to pre-process all her clips from the flash drive, then starts with blender file that has the vse screen layout as the default. she loads in her clips, edits them, then publishes to a mpg which she then uploads to youtube. She’s a big meta fan, believe me. check out the wiki or my book from the library for more info on the vse

I will have to try that out…I don’t have a flash cam, but I can transfer Mini DV clips to the drive and go from there I spoze…

good to know! thanks!


At least with MiniDV you wont have the strange decoding problems that often plague the VSE.

Dont let this put you off, just fore warned is fore armed.

And you can set the frame rate to whatever you want, bearing in mind that external sources (like camera footage) wont have correctly synced sound (it will be shorter than the video).

Just render your blender files to whatever format imovie supports & you’re all set. IE NTSC DV or PAL DV. It’s even a preset I believe. Render to DV codec AVI.

thank you 3pointedit and happy friar for those comments… I’m going to have to make some time to learn how to use Blender’s VSE… good to know about some of its capabilities… more and more, I like the idea that it’s a one-stop shopping solution and not just a great 3D tool. rc