using Iris+Zbuffer on Linux


Are there any Linux image editors/converters that are able to open the extended Iris image format (Iris+Zbuffer in Blender) and access the extra channels? I’ve tried GIMP, Cinepaint, XnView and a couple of others, but they either can’t open the file or the image is garbled and no extra channels are present.

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Maybe it’s too late for you, but this question comes out from time to time; for me it came tonight as I needed that extra channel to do some 3D-2D compositing and the various zblur/showzbuf sequence plugins didn’t work as expected…

Under linux you can use the ‘sgitopnm’ command, part of the ‘netpbm’ utilities, to extract the channels from an irix+zbuffer image (a.k.a. sgi image format).

sgitopnm -channel NUMBER image.sgi >image.NUMBER

where NUMBER is:
0 red
1 green
2 blue
3 alpha (useful, I didn’t know it was there!)
4 I haven’t figured out yet
5 sort of stratified zbuffer
6 zbuffer (very useful for compositing)
7 always gray (???)

I hope it will help any other linux user out there.


Better late then never :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your answer.