Using mancandy armature on your characters.

I created a character and I have mancandy armature and tutorial. But should I make my own armature or link the already made armature to my character? The problem is that the mancandy armature and the mesh don’t fit perfectly so I would have to adapt the armature to my mesh. I don’t have any problem with that but there are a lot of bones that frankly I don’t know what they do and they are not explained in the dvd. The last bone layer has some armature that looks really interesting and I would like to know what it does but the dvd doesn’t explain that. Has anybody customized the armature of mancandy to their characters? Or should I start from the begginging and add a just the basic armature myself?

That is the problem I have with rigs as well. A ton of work to re-use them.

I don’t mind the work of assigning vertex group to bones. The dvd does a wonderful job explaining how to use mancandy and gives valuable tips on how to create rigs which I already know. But then you look at the other bone layers in the mancandy file and there are some weird looking bones in the legs. Bassam made an amazing job with this dvd and I’ve learn a lot with it. But I think I’ve reach a point where I want to do it like the pros. I want to know more that’s all.

tlaloc58, I have an Armature/rigging system called BlenRig. At the moment it is aimed for realistic characters, but it has all the potential needed for toon chracters as well. I´m currently developing version 3. One of the main purposes of the rig is to be able to be transfered between characters in a fast way. That´s why it uses mash deform as it´s main deformation technique.

You can download BlenRig 2.0 (male BlenRig) HERE

There are video tutorials over VIMEO

HERE you can see the current progress of BlenRig 3, which main characteristic will be the use of a Muscle System based on ShrinWrap.

Hope it helps!