Using mask for stargate puddle

Hi all,

I’m trying to make an event horizon for a stargate.
How would I texture best?
(Some examples:)

This is how I have it right now:

As you see, it’s an animation of 4 seconds, only of the puddle, no gate.
I think with some more tweaking I can get the “bubbles” correct, I use a stucci texture for that.

I’d like to know how I can do the specularity and the normal-value of the bubbles the best.
As you can see, the “bubbles” have a higher specularity and stick more out in the middle.
I though of doing it like this:
Making a circular mask (1). (See my thumbnail)
Making a secondary mask, by putting the animated stucci texture over mask 1. (Like this, only the tops of the bubbles get a higher specularity and normal-value)

I tried this already with only mask 1, but hitting “spec” in the “Map to”-tab didn’t have any effect.

Can you help me with this, or do you know a better way to achieve this effect? Please reply :). (I never worked with nodes, but if I need them for this, a slight introduction and I’ll do my best)


Maybe LOTR Junkie can help you with that he’s taken a knack at it already. Youre on the right track though. I suggest turning on or increasing the emit value for it. the event horizon in stargate emits light and it usually brighter (baby blue ish) than that.

Thanks for the tip :stuck_out_tongue: He already helped me with the gate, so I guess this will work out too:)

For any others interested in explaining, here’s the thumbnail I forgot …