Using Normal Maps & Displacement Maps Simultaneously

Whenever I attach two textures to my material (one texture for a uv’ed normal map, another texture for a uv’ed displacement map), the render returns horrid errors. These textures return successful renders when used individually.

I’m wondering if normal maps and displacement maps can be used simultaneously on a single object, and what tricks might be involved in setting up this kind of material.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Are all your Textures mapped to UV (not ORCO) in the MapInput tab?


Afraid so… all textures set to UV, material set to texface, and a uv .tga successfully implemented.

Could you please upload a Packed (File >> Pack Data) .blend?


Pardon the delays, Fligh. Seem to have turned up my error:

My normal map featured subtle aliasing errors on certain UV edges and this, coupled with exaggerated settings on my texture panel, resulted in horrid ‘tears’ at render time.

Overall, I learnt two things:
i) To successfully render detailed displacement maps, you seem to need an INSANE polycount. Subsurf (render only) seems to accomodate this.
ii) Normal & displacement settings on the texture settings slider seemed to be remarkably sensitive in some cases. Don’t be alarmed if you’re setting you normal slider to 0.025 to return a successful render.
iii) It really, really pays to check any normal maps, displacement maps etc in photoshop (or gymp) prior to importing them into blender. Watch for aliased edges at the perimeter of your UV map… it just takes a touch of aliased white to ruin your render.

Cheers :slight_smile: