Using OpenCL on iMac 2019


I have an iMac Retina 5K 2019 27’ with a Radeon Pro Vega 48.

This apple site say I should be able to use OpenCL on this iMac I want to be able to make sure of my GPU while rendering on Blender.

Can anyone tell me how to set this up? Blender currently says ‘no compatible GPUs found for path tracing. Cycles will render on the CPU’ in preferences.

OpenCL is not supported in Blender for Mac for a long time. There are no Cycles GPU rendering for Mac anymore for Mojave/Catalina.
Octane X addon should appear soon with Metal rendering support for Mac.

Thanks. Any idea how soon to expect Octane X?

Perhaps in April/May. Octane X is ready. They’re waiting for the drivers update in public Catalina 10.15.5: