Using PBR textures from Substance in Cycles

I’m trying to use some texture maps from Substance Painter in Cycles. I know it is possible because others have said they have done it, but I need to figure out which combination of maps to use, and what nodes to use to combine them.

I’ve got the PBR textures normally used in game engines (Base Color, Roughness, Metallic, Height) and also the Diffuse, Gloss, Spec, and Normal. As I understand, some engines (mostly game) use the first set, and some use the second. I don’t really care which set I use, I just want to know the node combination that will be closest to how things looked while I was painting them in substance.

Thanks. That link gives some information, but it seems they were not fully successful in getting it working. I’ll keep digging.

For Cycles, a physically based renderer, you want to use base color, normal, roughness, and metallic, and plug them in where necessary in the node editor/material properties.