Using pc with large graphic tablet and pen much better than with mouse? i think yes

i had a gt in the past.

better, easier, more comfortable, i think even faster(not sure tho) for using pc outside of gaming

i sold the GT cause i stopped drawing and perhaps cause the gt was very small. i think if i get a bigger one i wont have issues with sensitivity etc.

but main question see threat TITLE

something like 6.5 x 4 inches (diagonal: 7.6 inche] for example is too small. i had wacom bamboo in the past which was too small for any pc stuff.

There is a relation between Tablet size and Monitor size. Both shouldn’t be too much apart.
I have an 32 inch monitor and my tablet is 10x6.25 inch and this combination works really well for me.
I also own an old Wacom Bamboo an it feels weird with this monitor, but it works perfect with my laptop which has a very small screen (12.5 inch).

what gt should i get? do i need the scroll wheel? if yes, i need the analoge, not the trackpad one?