Using physics to make a joint/hinge thing?

Hey Blender people,

I have been playing about with blender for a while now, but never really payed much attention to animation or physics, preferring to simply play about with static modeling.

I was thinking recently though about the using the physics engine in an animation i thought of, but it involves the use of a see saw type joint, or a hinge, and solid objects interacting with each other.

I found this video on You tube, which demonstrates something like what i would like to achieve;

However, i have a fair idea of how to make cubes drop onto a solid plane, but what i cant do is make the “see saw” stay in one place like a hinged joint.

Can anyone explain to me what i should do, or point me in the direction of a tutorial that may help introduce me to the physics engine. Unfortunately my own google searches were fruitless.



Try going to Google > Videos and enter “blender physics tutorial.”