Using Placeholder Rigid Bodies , then using constraints on the render objects

I have a scene where it will be around 300-400 objects, small characters.

I want to use 300 Rigid Bodies, to simulate how they’re poured into a room. Then on my characters I use a constraint to copy Loc&Rot from the physics objects.

All this works well on CPU rendering, but for final render I want to use GPU/CYCLES. And the Issue for me on GPU is that viewport animation playback works perfect. no issues.

but when sent over to GPU frame2 everything breaks. it’s like … maybe the precompute of the physics objects are not done in order for the characters to copy location&rotation is broken, maybe there’s a flag or something on objects where constraints are used that’s not working.

anyone done something like this? experienced the problem? In worst case I have to render with CPU, or try make a huuuge cache of the animation.