Using python plugins.

(klepow) #1

How do I import and use python scripts and plugins in Blender Publisher 2.25? How do I import and use non-python plugins?

(BgDM) #2

Well, for python plug ins, open a text window, (not sure of the keystroke for that), by pressing the little button in the bottom left of your screen. A pop up will open with a few options to select. Press the one that looks like a piece of paper with writing on it.

Now, go to open new and find your python script. Load the script. Make sure you have your mouse pointer in the text window and then press ALT+P to execute the script.

Hope that helps.


(theeth) #3

for non python plugins:

They come in two brands: texture plugins and sequence plugins.
Those plugins are precompiled files (.dll on windows, .so on linux)

Texture plugins loads in the texture window. Just change the texture type to Plugin and press Load.

Sequence plugins loads in the sequence editor but pressing Shift-A and selecting Plugin. You can change a sequence plugin options by selecting it and pressing N.

I hope that’s clear.