Using real bones

I made a dragon with mesh bones and I am in the process of skinning it. Is there a way to have blender store poses for it?


I take it you don’t want to add an armature to control the mesh bones ?

If you click on the icon of the “legless man” in the IPO editor beside the Ipo type dropdown (tooltip is “Set’s IPO to be included in action or not”, then an action will be created for that IPO.

So technically it’s possible, but it’s going to get very messy and hard to control as a separate action will be created for each individual “bone” … assuming you keep them separate objects.

Much better to add an armature, and you don’t have to “skin” it with vertex groups., you can just “parent to bone” (select a “mesh bone”, then an armature bone (in POSE mode), and CTR-P “parent to bone”.

With an armature only one Action is created for the entire armature/bone collection making it much, much easier to animate / manage.

You might also experiment with either a lattice for the ribs (“breathing” etc), or join the ribs as one object and use shape keys to deform them.