Using Rigid Body Dynamics to Create Virtual Mechanical Devices

Hi everyone,

As the new Blender version 2.66 opens up a world of possibilities with rigid body dynamics, I just created my initial mechanical test device. It was a boatload of fun to make and I’ll be creating a lot more in the near future. Just seeing what you think.

This is a very interesting video, stormswirl! It’s a great demonstration of alternative applications of the rigid body dynamics. They’re useful for more than just wrecking the place up!
I would have never thought of using them to simulate a mechnical assembly line, but what a great idea. I’ll be watching your other videos, too!

Great stormswirl!

Someone mentioned that with 2.66 they’d brought rigid bodies over into the animation side of things but not had chance (reason) to play yet…

I’d say your gears are fine, it was probably more to do with the tolerance of the second shafts “bearing” mounts that was your issue, but you also probably saw that too :wink:

Nice for sharing :wink:

nice anim
should write small tut to show how to do these animation so people can learn from it!

don’t understand how the particule from top are generated!

would like to see one like that to make a pile of sugar or salt particules!


Thanks kindly, everyone.

When I get the gears down to a science, I’ll likely make some tutorials. In the meantime, I already have a Playlist of rigid body dynamics tutorials on my YouTube channel, as well as hundreds of other tutorials organized in Playlists. Thanks for watching.

I knew there was a better way than using complex constraints !