Using second computer as renderingmachine?

Okay, so I have gotten my fingers (borrowed) on a big mac with lots of good hardware in it. I already have my xp computer with some project files in it.

Now, I would love to render my project files on the mac, but at the same time edit the files on my XP. Is it possible, (maybe trough some other software) to render my files on the Mac from my XP via the local internet? (So when I press F12, it begin rendering on the second computer). Or do you guys know of another method?

And yes, without moving the files from one computer to the other with a usb all the time. :wink:

Thanks in advance!

No-one? Aw… :frowning:

You can try more from Google, “Blender network rendering”.

I have not done it but maybe some people can point to some good tools.

I do this but with two XP machines, with a network drive, so each computer uses the same dir.

But I have to save the file on the work machine, then open it and launch the render from the render machine by the hand.

You can perhaps do this between osx and xp, but you’ll have to set all the paths to relative.

Using network rendering is good for render only I think, not for work at the same time on the other computer.

Hey thanks! I will look into it. :slight_smile:

I’ve used FarmerJoe several times with great success.

Thanks! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Luxrender was surprisingly easy to set up to do this. Switching to Luxrender might be more than you want to mess with. Lux can be very obnoxious to set up materials with (v0.6RC3 supports converting Blender materials to Lux materials, which is really handy but not 100% accurate), but network rendering with it is probably the easiest thing I’ve ever done on any computer. Granted, I’m using two XP machines on my home network, so I’m not sure how easy it would be to get an XP machine and a Mac to talk to each other…

Okay, but it works between windows computers? Luxrender is that new opsen source render, right? :wink: thanks for the info.

I just added two more computers running Ubuntu and I didn’t have to change anything to get Luxrender to distribute to those as well. I’ve got a Vista computer, an XP computer and two Ubuntu computers on the same render “garden” and Lux distributes to all of them seamlessly. It can also distribute accross the internet, but I haven’t done anything with that. Hope that helps…