Using Shift-N

(IMProvisar) #1

Hi, simple question, say I have a few random vertices, and I want to set the location of them all to x = 1.000… I’ve tried to select them all, hit Shift-N, edit the x, and only one of them is affected. Is there any way to set an x, y, or z location value for all selected vertices?

The only alternative I’ve found is either to set them each individually, or scale down in the x, y, or z, then try to put them where I want.


(Hos) #2

Here’s how I cheat:

use ‘n’ to set one of the verts. Select that vert and
press “Shift-S 4” to put the cursor at the point.
Press the period key (.) to make the cursor
the center of scaling/rotation. Select all of the
verts that you want to have the same x value.
Then do a constrained scale along the
axis of interest (i.e., ‘s’ then middle mouse button
– but I think you know this part).

There is no way to use ‘n’ to move all of them
– ‘n’ only affects the ‘active’ object/vertex.


(DAK) #3

I don’t even know what shift-N does. :frowning:

(IMProvisar) #4

Thanks Hos! That’s a way to get it done. :slight_smile:

Dak, with a vertex selected, Shift-N will give you a box showing x, y, z coordinates, with the option of setting them. It may also work out of edit mode with positioning objects, but I haven’t tried.


(sten) #5

BTW , you don’t even need SHIFT+N…when the mesh is selected,
just select the current mesh and Hit N-KEY…nothing more :wink:

just very simple :wink: