Using textures created with Materialize in Blender

Would someone be so kind to explain to me how to use textures that were generated using Materialize can be used in Blender? I’ve been trying to figure things out, but I’m not getting the results I expect. I’m no pro, but the software looks great and is free. The images that are created have confusing names which apparently relate to Maya, but I’m sure they can be used in Blender just as well. A screenshot of how to set up things using the node-editor would help a lot. I think other people (who haven’t used Materialize yet) will be interested also. If you know how this works, please help!

The map names relate to a PBR workflow. Your basic usage will be to plug the corresponding maps into the principled BSDF under shift+a > shaders.

You’ll most typically be using the color/albedo, roughness, metalness, and normal maps. Most of the other maps are for special cases, or to be used as masks for customization (eg A curvature map can be used for adding edge wear.)

Thank you for the quick reply. I’m quite new to using the node editor in an advanced way, always kept it simple and used what was made available by more advanced creators. I’ll use your guidance to get more experience with it. Do you agree Materialize is a good way to create the maps required for PBR? I always looked at advanced material creation like it was black magic, al those nodes and connections… I realize I need to study the whole thing more and know the result will be worth the time invested…

If I didn’t already own Substance B2M, I’d likely be using Materialize as it looks to be a good little app.

A lot of that black magic is gone these days. The principled BSDF packs in most of those advanced setups one used to have to setup manually. For the typical material, the task has shifted from advanced node groups, to advanced masks (like the ones created in Materialize.)

Here is a good tutorial on how to use these maps with the principled shader:

Wow, thanks for the link! It looks like something I can use to learn more about this subject. Excellent!:ok_hand:

Can someone help me to properly install Materialize on Windows 10?
Although I have a black frame that surrounds the image, instead of a silver frame, the app seems to work correctly to set the Diffuse, Height, Normal etc … but it is impossible to see the rendering in the window Show Full Material.
For your information, I installed Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable as requested.
Thanks for your help,

Hi patrickp78,
I’m (still) running Win7, so concerning the OS-factor of the software not working as expected: no idea. It could be the drivers for your graphics card? I’m sorry I can’t be of much help beyond the last remark… Hope you get things working somehow!

Hi brite,

In fact, I also tried with Windows 7 and I have the same problem.

I’m on OSX with Parallels Desktop and Windows 10 but I do not think it’s coming from there.

I think I have installed Materialize initially, from the Mac desktop instead of installing it in the C drive and now I do not know how to uninstall it completely and cleaning to start this operation again …

Thank you for your answer,