Using textures for a game.

If I were to make a game and put it up for a free download and say I got all of my pictures off of google images, would I be allowed to do that If they all came off of google images. I know that they are not actually coming from google but others site but would I be allowed to do that?

No you need to ask the owner of the pictures for permission to use there images whether they will ever notice or find out is a very slim chance but you should still ask. But i would recommend getting your textures from they are all free to use for games and such there very good to. its what i use.

Yea you are right I use CG textures too but even though they Have TONS of textures it still is not enough lol.

And getting permission from every site could be a long and painstaking task.

Really? what kind of textures do you need?

there are some really good texture packs in the resources forum, and im currently working on a pack as well

I need like good metal textures that would be good for texturing a gun, character textures stuff that can be hard to find.

do a google search for free to use game textures.

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hope this helps