using the armature tool in v2.42a


In Blender v2.32 the armature tool would automatically create another armature after placement of the orginal was finished. However in 2.42a this does not occur. How does one link bones with the new build? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have gone over the release notes at length and have not discovered anything related to this. (it took my an hour find out about the change in the subsurf tool placement :slight_smile: )

Thanks once again.


I need to know this as well. I’ve just maded my very first Blender model (a simple spider) and need to know how to add joints and such betwwen the body and the legs (seperate obects)

Image rendered in Bryce 5

By “another armature”, I assume you mean another bone (an Armature is the entire collection of bones).

After adding a new armature, a new bone is automatically created with the tip of that bone selected. At that point if you press “e”, a new bone is “extruded” from the tip of the current bone. The next bone also has it’s tip selected, so pressing ‘e’ will extrude another bone.

The other option is to press SPACE->add bone which will add an un-connected bone to wherever the 3d cursor is.

A great tutorial is the “Intro To Character Animation” on the “Summer of Documentation” on the Wiki page (See links to it in my signature).

As for the SubSurf, congrats on finding it without posting a question asking about it here. It is probably the most frequently asked question :slight_smile: And you could have found out where it was in much less than an hour by clicking on the link to the Manual under the help menu and done a search there :slight_smile:


Hmm, I thought modifiers were really logical and intuitive and I was mirroring and subsurfing long before I read about them … hehe I guess we are all different

Some armature tutorials here and here

or you could simply go to the animation forum and read the tuts

Well I think modifiers … where subsurf lives now … only appeared in ver 2.40.

Many / most tutorials have been written for older versions of Blender which had subsurf in a different panel.

It’s not so much using it that’s difficult, it’s been finding it :slight_smile: