Using the BGE + rigid body simulations to "Act" as a "walking ragdoll"

I have made a rig, that is the start of something great,

I am at step A.

I need some help getting to Z.

What I have
The ability to perform a walk cycle or any animation “sequence” (I make these sequences using logic)

I need the ability to clone a action by applying forces,

I have a method currently, but it will not work in real time with 10+ actors in a scene without a amazing computer.

I need C integration of two key code segments.

I need
1.“TorqueTrackTo” (attempt to match the orientation of another object, or track to it like track to but with torque)
written in C


2.“ForceMoveTo” (attempt to move to a target location by applying force)

I have these written and working driving all sorts of neat physics simulation /games…

these can be recorded using the record animation feature of the BGE.

Force move to and torque track to are already on there way to driving a LEAP demo in the bge,
but if it had the communities support, true “acting” by manipulating a rig, could save hundreds of man hours,
as well as allow for things to happen in a scene that were made unintentionally at first.

think of “takes” and what may happen

here are a few rigs and vehicles and implementations of some of the code in python

(make sure “record animations” is on in the game tab, play the game, hit escape, and then do alt+a) - TorqueRig

All assets are Mit 3.0 CC attributions by project:Wrectifed
(numerous conributers of code, and a model)


TrackAndShoot (1).blend (554 KB)TorqueMobile(SpindelCorrected) (1).blend (582 KB)

You seem to be starting to become a broken record with these two feature requests, so I will answer once again.

The reason why these two things aren’t high on the BGE devs. priority list is because as of now, these things are more or less specific to Project Wrectified and do not have much application for a lot of the other ongoing projects or needs, the priorities tend (and should) go to tools and features that are useful for a much larger array of cases and thus useful for a lot more users.

Also, why do we need a second Project Wrectified thread in the general discussion forum anyway?

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Also, as you’ve been warned before about bringing up the specifics of your project in unrelated forums, I’m closing this thread. You’re welcome to repost this information in one of your existing threads for your project.