Using the Dope Sheet for complex scenarios.

-Can someone tell me, if it exists, what the ‘Animation Render’ hotkey is?

-I have found on my own that if I enter sqrt(2) as a z-coordinate, then I can use a better value for height. To how many decimal places, or what accuracy, are square roots kept as numeric values on points or objects in blender?

-Can someone tell me, if it exists, what the ‘Animation Render’ hotkey is?

Look in the Render menu at the top of the blender interface



Numerical values are stored as 32bit floatong point values. Look it up from google to see the limits and relative precision.

You can expect floating-point numbers to be kept to the maximum available precision of the CPU, and for operations such as square-root to be carried out by the appropriate CPU instructions, regardless of what appears on your designer display.

By relative precision I meant that depending on the magnitude of the number (0.1, 100, 100000 etc) the relative precision is the same, but absolute precision is not as mantissa has a fixed number of bits. With integer numbers it is the other way: absolute precision is the same over full value range, but relative precision (difference between adjacent numbers) differs over full range.

It’s all right, and yes thankyou everyone. I had enough idea by the 2nd reply anyway!

A computer’s floating-point number is represented in what’s called “scientific notation,” as a normalized mantissa and an exponent. Thus, “0.1” = 0.1000e-01, “100” = 0.1000e+04 (I think), and so on. You are entirely correct in observing that integers and floating-point are entirely different beasts.