Using the UV editor to get transparency

Please can anyone tell me how to use the UV editor to get a transparent window into a walkthrough model. I have applied lots of textures to walls using jpegs - this works fine in the game engine - but I need some glass and can’t figure out how to do this in the ganme engine. I can get glass to render ok.

Thanks for ANY help!

You use a png file with an alpha channel, or you can use a tga, too. jpg doesn’t have an alpha channel. What I do is choose transparent background when I start a gimp file. Then just give it a very light translucent blue. After you put the texture on, select alpha in the model buttons where the other things like light and collision are located.

Thanks for your help - please can you tell me where the light and collision things are (model buttons?) I have made a png file and this looks invisible but can’t get it to look semi-transparent blue. I have selected alpha in the textures button…
Please can you give me an idiot’s guide to doing this! Thanks.

I have found this now and this now works - thanks - I have been trying to solve this for a while.