Using Transparent map to make only part of the mesh visible?

Hey everyone!

So I have been trying to figure this out for a while but so far no luck.

I want to use a transparent map to make only certain parts of the geometry visible.

The geometry are the eyelashes of a character and the map has black background with white eyelash shape on it.

I have tried using the transparent shader as well as mixing diffuse + transparent but I never got the results I wanted.

See the pics below.

Anybody has any idea how to make this work? : )

Working and rendering with cycles materials by the way.


Something like this will work:

plug the transparent shader and the diffuse shader into a mix shader. assign your map to a texture node and plug the texture into the fac socket of the mix shader. that should work.

Edit: yeah, just like what photox just showed!

Thanks a lot!!! its working now. I plugged in the alpha instead of the color so thats why id didnt work for me earlier : )


Great way of doing eyelashes! Never thought of doing it that way. Just curious, did you make the model?

Hey there nope I didnt, it is from a completely different program but I was just playing with her in Blender trying to make her textures work in cycles and playing with the sss shader : )