Using type fonts in Blender

I need to use the type font ‘Genuine’. Now I’m using Windows 7 and in my type fonts on the HD it’s listed as GENUINE Regular. In the Blender type font list it’s GENUINE_.ttf And, you can bring it into Blender but it’s just a rectangle instead of a character / letter. Does anyone know of a work around since I need this specific type font.

Maybe try using the Cycles render engine, that’s the only thing I can think of.

Thanks for the post but that doesn’t work Rouge_RS. I’ve looked for that specific font on free font download sites but haven’t seen it. I guess microsoft pays for many of the fonts that come loaded on a Windows machine. Maybe it could be submitted as a bug report? But, I suspect there’s a known reason for why Blender is doing that with this type font. Anyway thanks. theoldghost

The font works fine in other programs? Try opening it in a font editor, if you have any, or font viewer. Idk what Windows uses for that, I’m sure it should have one.

Is it the font used in the background image? At least that’s not too hard to trace manually, if all else fails.

Hey, nemoDaedalalus the type font, Genuine, did open correctly in ‘Inkscape’. I saved that as a .svg file and then imported it into Blender. The characters came in already separated and I can edit, scale, extrude, etc. as if it was ‘Created in Blender’. Matter of fact I thought you might like to see a letter in edit mode hence a screenshot here hopefully. Since I will be using the Blender internal render engine this is just what was needed.

Glad you found a workaround, and that you shared your solution. I’ve had trouble with some fonts in Blender as well, but never thought to use Inkscape to export a text as curves. :slight_smile: