USNROV-1 Finished

Calling it done.

Pretty cool!

Why do you have the “scanlines” effect? …you know…the shifted
intensity on each second line…

Other than that I really like it.

How’s that?

Very well done, I think the spot light glow makes the whole thing look like a realistic underwater scene. I find the scanlines odd as well.

Lol, scene updated between looking at the original picture and posting this. Much better without the scanlines. Its perfect.

Lighting is really good, soft shadows give a good sense of the right proportion. What did you use for the lighting?

i think it looks better with the scanlines, i like it

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I have wanted to make one of these ever since I started reading National Geographic :slight_smile:

Three area lights. Two blues and one amber.

Really amazing, it has come a long way from the beginning of your WIP thread. The lighting is what really sells this image for me, especially the greenish glow on the front of the submersible from the spotlights. Do you have a light pointing at the front of the submersible to create this?

Thank you. There is a light (the color of the illuminated seafloor) pointed at the front of the rover.

@All: There is another view of the model without cables in my 3D gallery here for reference:

god job on modeling,the light is very nice but i think the light on the left (yellow one) looks kinnda strange,i havent seen that kind of color in a undersea scene,just my opinion.
very nice scene.

P.s i took a look at your gallery,you have very god works there,i like them.

Hi Leon, thanks for the reply. The lighting is primarily for illustration purposes, but I think if you look on page 113 of the December 2004 National Geographic, you will see that this lighting scheme is not too far-fetched. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed the other images.

i enjoyed watching this pic, nice one! (the bubbles are weird ;D )


maybe u can show us a wireframe? just my point of interrest for the small details :slight_smile:

The cloud (or whatever it is) texture in the background is showing artifacts as the color graduates from light to dark. I’ve seen this fixed by upping the level of detail in the texture setting. You know it isn’t jpeg compression since the shadows on the boat are very good.

What a nice image. I really like this one. Details, colors, lighting, all very well done. There was a show on National Geographic just last night in fact about the recovery of a shipload of Civil War era gold and silver coins. The colors on the treasure had quite a bit yellow tones. Excellent image, thanks for posting.

Really nice render Bijin.

Some textures that would make it look less new would help it out though.

Marty_D has made a some good points as well.


I find it excellent :smiley: . I will agree though, that the yellow on the left side is a little to “pure” for a color you would get at depth.

very nice! :slight_smile:

i have to agree with BgDM and Marty_D.

good job, keep it up!

Thanks to everyone for the replies. Marty_D, there is an improved version at CGTalk here:

…I noticed the same thing you did, and it happened in the GIMP since this image had an alpha background :slight_smile:

Great job Bijin, I love it

No critics

[pirate accent] Arr, the gimp is it? Well there you are then matey. That would be the way of it. There’ll be no worries then, as you’ve cleared up the point. Arr. [/pirate accent] :wink:

Arr, and keep an eye out for those giant squid matey, they’re a real handful they are.

Arr, but thanks be to thee, lad, for pointin’ out how ta fix the blessed blendfile should it be artifactin’ by itself. :smiley:

BTW I think I watched the same National Geographic show you did, and as I recall it was pretty entertaining, watching the different ways they tried hoisting up the loot.