USS Discovery - Spore Drive

Hi all,

I’ve been admiring work from all of you for quite a while. I’ve finally made something that I feel like is worth showing. I’ve had this idea since I first saw the new Star Trek Discovery back in 2017. However, my skills and my equipment was not quite a match.

In short, I made an isometric diorama of a USS Discovery using its spore drive. A small personal project, that took longer that I will admit it took me, due to learning on the go. :smiley:

I welcome any critic or feedback, good or bad. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking it out and for your opinions.


USS Discovery-d-50ms-460-v2

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Good work! Looks really nice. :smiley:
But why are there so many lights? In the lower left view of the Blender screenshot it looks like there are dozens of spot lights.

Hi @Trichter. Thanks.

I had this brilliant idea to replicate all lights on the ship. But it looks horrible when looking in solid mode. :smiley: they’re functional though.
I was trying to see if it’s possible to make the outlines smaller but haven’t managed to find out yet…is it?