USS Enterprise - NCC 1701 (Prime Universe)

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Deflector Shield and Frontal Sensors (Viewport Render)


(menace82) #82

More fixes, detailing, etc


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Just playing with my WIP model… :wink:


(FlyingBanana) #84

Awesome stuff. Did you convert over to 2.8 yet or are you keeping this in 2.79 as .8 isn’t quite stable enough? If you are using 2.8 how well does it hold up in EEVEE would be pretty sweet to play around with it in an animation atmosphere.


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I’m using blender 2.8 full time (it’s stable enough), and all the latest renders (since post #63) were rendered with EEVEE… :wink:
EEVEE has a steeper learning curve, if you want photorealism, since it’s not a raytracing/pathtracing renderer.

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(FlyingBanana) #86

Yeah 2.8 I backed away from at first but started using it more. And am now beta testing another guys build off of 2.8 that speeds up cycles render times compared to standard 2.8’s cycles render times. It got the BMW benchmark scene down to just over 30 seconds and regular 2.8 came in just over a minute without any adjustments to the file or render settings.

Can’t wait to see the finished outcome of this project. It is beyond awesome. Makes me want to delve into doing a bird of prey.

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Adding details/navigation lights/extra ports


(menace82) #88

Navigation Lights and Frontal Torpedo Bay


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U.S.S. Enterprise - Arrival to Earth (Test Animation)


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Dude that is sick! I love the peek into the glass and getting a peek down into the bridge! Not many would go through that much detail!

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(Tea_Monster) #91

There are a LOT of Star Trek models floating around the interwebs. I think you have done a really great job of updating the original design. I was going to suggest that you remove those soft-looking square lights on top of the saucer, but you’ve already done that.

The lighting particularly is striking. You’ve done a great job with this one.

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Testing saucer plating (geometry, not normal map) and saucer rooms


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:wave: Hey

I hope one day i can be at least 1/5 as good as you.


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Nice Enterprise!

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A familiar pose in Cycles [3’ 22" (RTX 2070, 1024 samples, denoising)] and in EEVEE (64 samples, with soft shadows enabled: 3’ 00" :frowning: I think that EEVEE is quite useless with complex models)
Cycles Render

EEVEE Render

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(sundialsvc4) #96

Did the insignia “NCC-1701” ever actually point toward the back of the ship, as it does on the starboard side?