USS Monitor

Hi all! This is my first post here, but I love the community.

It took me a few months to create the model then the surrounding nature. Had the most fun making the flags wave in the wind :slight_smile:. But had the most trouble with the smoke, no matter what I did I could not get more then what is in the render.

I have always wanted to model the USS Monitor, I had made on in LEGOs are while back, but now I wanted to create a full and real model. It was a good learning curve for me also.

Blender 2.8 Cycles
Samples: 600
Filmic and denoiser(Took two hours to render XD)

Any questions or critiques are welcome.


Which denoiser did you use? If you use the denoiser node in the compositor, you will probably not have to do 600 samples (you would be surprised at how good 20 samples looks with the new AI denoiser). Your render times will be much less.

Not sure why your smoke didn’t show up. Did you bake it? What is the shader setup for your smoke domain?

I used the denoiser from the layers lay out :slight_smile: But you are probably right! The problem was that I kept rendering and render and they kept coming out fuzzy and such, then I say that I had my resolution was at 50%! Due! So I put it up and there it was good. But I didn’t know how many samples so I just went crazy and wanted to make sure it looked good.

As for the smoke, I did bake them and rebacked them many times changing the properties. I think it had something to do with the wind I had there. Yet I am still getting use to using the new Blender XD.

the res is 150 for the smoke and density and temp are at various ranges.

Thanks for the post though!

Smoke can be tricky in getting the material correct. I think that it is there. Look at the grey swirls above the smoke stack exits. I played around with a plain blend file and experimented till I got something I liked. The water is out of scale, apart from that, looks good.

Thanks a lot Tea_Monster! (Like the name :slight_smile:)

yeah I kinda need to do some more work on that water scale. I think I will play around some more in a raw file again.