USS Novus NCC-78062

(gr8hamster) #1

My Star Trek ship that I’ve been designing for quite some time.
USS Novus NCC-78062

I am so tatally not finished with this…

This is just a preview. Gotta work on the lighting and the star and stuff.
Any suggestions and criticisms are totally appreciated. I’d prefer suggestions though :wink: lol

(Ecks) #2

Yea really good…The ship is really good. Nice modelling.

Suggestion: uhmmm…Did you put OSA on? If not, press it now, it is in the render buttun near the motion blur one…
For the star, if you use the blender star system follow this sugestion:go in world buttun and put the stardist at like 3 or 4 and then reduce the star size at 0.100 or even 0.050…Test a render and see how it look, if there is too many star put the stardist higher.

Now if you have some time for yourself, and if you are interested in a movie creation project, go see this thread:
and then post a reply.! :smiley:

(DreamMaster) #3

Very nice!!! :smiley: now you’re inspiring me! :wink:

(S68) #4

Really nice, inspiring for me too :slight_smile:

Very skillful flare


(blengine) #5

very cool! the flare is great, but i think the red star in it is a bit too much, maybe change it to a 3 point star inmstead of 6 =)
the ship looks good from afar… how about a closer and more angeld camera view to show it off more?
a great job so far

(Alltaken) #6

halos around the engines on the side will add that star trek feel.

(gr8hamster) #7

ah! Thanks I was wondering wut it might of been missing!! LoL

well… I’m working on it animated… the ships going to move a bit farther then when u can see the back of the ship it’s going to goto warp.

I’m going to try to get the halo to get brighter as it moves…

does anyone know of a FREE program that will let me add sound? and maybe make the .avi smaller?

(S68) #8


I’m pretty happy with it :slight_smile:


(gr8hamster) #9

I’m trying to get it animated… it’s pretty good… the ship flys in front of the camera and the camera follows… a few seconds later and it goes to warp… I just can’t get it going to warp!! :frowning:

I gave the nacelles a nice blue glow right before warp… but after that I don’t know wut to do…
I tried to add a blue like streak in PSP(Paint Shop Pro) but alas… no luck. :x

Anyone have any idea how I can get a good going to warp effect?

If I can’t figure one out maybe I’ll just make the camera follow the ship while it goes to warp…I’d hate to do that since it’s more work… but I’m running out of options.

—Oh, plus there’s a decent close-up of the ship when it gets near the camera. So help me out here and you can see my un-1337 skillz at work!!! lol :frowning:

(Bense) #10

great work!
Have you testet a warp effect with lattices. If you have the Blender 2.0 guide, there is an example for this.


(gr8hamster) #11

:frowning: I don’t have a Blender 2.0 guide…
are there any tutorials on the net or something similar?


I am actually working on a ship myself. (My first semi-large project.) Was curious how you started out. I did all mine out on graph paper first and then centered the 2d’s and plan on building around them. Anyone know if thats a horrible way to start or anything?

(gr8hamster) #13

well, how I did mine was a sketch on some drawing paper, then worked on it in Blender… but most of the details such as texture and escape pods and lights and all I did in Blender…

but that’s how I did it… I’m guessing that’s probably not the most professional way of doing it… so :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always use the shift F7 and put the design in Blender…


Well i drew them up from top view, side view, front and back view, and then resized and put in each deck to give it slope. Now (in my theory) all the remains is to cover it in skin and then add all my little gadgets onto that.

(gr8hamster) #15

cool, I’d like to see your ship sometime… post it on here or something unless your going to only post a 3d version of it


I’ll post it right after i get the hull put on it. write now its just a ugly wire frame. Its got 8 decks and is a small troop transport, its got 4 nacells and has a strait back rear instead of the drop down of most ships. I and my friends have been working on the design for weeks and i’m just putting it into blender