USS Oregon BB-3 [first update]

First generation American battleship. Still needs a bit of work, but some pointed crit, would definately help get my head out of some of the detail…

Please no crit on the water, or background yet, just the model. I’ll get to the rest later.

[i would do some work on the texturing, the ship as it is looks too clean and new. if its out on the ocean, chances are its getting dirtied, rusted, beaten up. The model itself looks really nice though. Keep up the good work.]

I put some texturing and a just a bit of color-texture, on the hull. It looks clean at first glance, but it isn’t really. The problem is that if it is a Navy ship it won’t have rust. Not with 375 crew members, and a surly old Captain… :wink:

it just looks a little too orderly, if you know what i mean.

Ya… that’s why I never joined the navy…

Actually come to think of it there should be some, through hulls just above the waterline, that would leave spooge marks down the side. I’ll see about that.

But your right of course… lots of detail still missing, small boat davits, the mast has not been rigged, the anchors need to be tied up against the hull… there are some hatch plates that need to go on the side of the hull. More guns, ladders, a torpedo tube in the bow, and a plaque.

Just to name a few things. Right now I’m just trying to satisfy the overall look. I will have to composite a lot of stuff for final render. I’m slowly reaching terminal polygon count.

I would work on the water more…Maybe a small sutble reflection.

As far as the boat, I agree it needs more texture work. The physical detail is awesome.

Ok… I did a full three day render on one scene and shit canned it. I’ve started at the beginning with textures and colors, starting with the water.

This is quite a lot of work in making this water, please tell me what you think I won’t be offended. I want it right.

[!] Water is spot on…! On a calm day, that is - when you put a moving vessel ind, make sure, to make the water splash along the sides, and the waves created from the rear.

Looks very good, though. Maybe a little raymirror, would help… just a tiny bit…

excellent water! i love it. is it more than one layered mesh?

Tjeiken, thanks… of course the vessel will show movement in the water if it’s moving.

Traitor, yes it’s two layerd meshes. One handles the reflection from the sky and the other handles the actual water color to create depth and change the color in the shadows. I tried at first to do it in blender internal, but gave up due to some strange anomolies that I couldn’t fix. This was rendered with yafray. I think I can use the same mesh/material combination to create rougher seas as well as animate it. As long as the two meshes are kept in sync.

The water texture itself looks great but it seems like the scale of the waves needs a little work. If you put the ship in there with the waves as they are now, the ship will appear to be a toy based on the size perception created by the wave height. Great start though.

beatuiful water

that waters great, tutorialify??

dont much have to say that hasnt, but its lookin real great, I await the ship+water render eagerly! =D

Don’t know if you’re in need of any ref pics but I thought I’d pass this link along to you:

Just found it myself seems to be a good source of naval photos.