USS ShenZhou fan art (modeling by Chris Kuhn)

A quick render I did as fan art for the starship USS Shenzhou in Star Trek Discovery. The model in the image was from Chris Kuhn. I’ve simply set up the cameras and a single source light for the model and did a bit of compositing in Blender then moved onto Photoshop to add the lens flares, painted a
background with brushes and what not.



nice work !!!

You did justice to Chris’s version of the USS Shenzhou. Will admit it is one of few designs I like in the show.

Some addition notes

The scene was rendered with 3000 samples, single sunlamp and pitch black background (rendered on the Sheepit community farm exported with transparent background). I mainly added some bloom effect in the Blender compositor as well as a tough of some dirty lenses. The background was painted with Photoshop brushes, smudge tool, and multiple color gradients. (it looked like a mess in Photoshop before the final coloring gradient was added)

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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