USS Stargazer Bridge Redesign

So, I’ve had this thought in my head for a while, Because the Episode was produced in 1987, The Star Trek The Next Generation Episode “The Battle” can be considered a case of “Canon Discontinuity” since that bridge set is the second redress of the Refitted Enterprise bridge set made for the First Three Star Trek Films (The first being the Battle Bridge of the Enterprise-D), My idea is to take into account years of hindsight and design a new bridge that is more consistent with how Starfleet’s technology evolved between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek The Next Generation. My starting point for the redesign will be the Bridge set seen in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier due in part to it being more along the lines of how I picture a ship like the Stargazer looking. I have several ideas already to distinguish it from the Enterprise-A.

  • The Turbolifts will be moved back to their former locations from the first three films
  • An additional egress point will be added to the port side leading to the Captain’s ready room
  • The Smaller bracing struts seen on the Enterprise-A from Star Trek VI will be added.
    Here’s what I’m starting off with, For reference the “figure” is 6’1" (The same height as Leonard Nimoy) and the radius of the cylinder is 5.5 meters:

    Here’s what I’m roughly shooting for:

    If anyone has any tips or advice, Please feel free to chime in to help me develop my skills further.