Utility pole - Camera work

Workbench Render

Cycles Render
Max Samples 5 Denoise Filter

Cycles Render
Max Samples 5 Default Settings

Utility pole - Image detail cut (link :point_down:)
Blender Cycles Image Render Max Samples 150 Denoise Filter


A beautifully-detailed and entirely convincing illustration of how this technology actually works. The lines appear to be rigged in the way that an actual lineman might choose to do it. The camera moves and shot selection are clear and effective – unhurried, giving you ample time to absorb what you are looking at but not too much.


That is so cool. Well done.

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thank you :blush:
I made it with reference to the manual and photos of Jeonju

thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

This looks humble at first glance…
but IMHO deserves the featured row.
real PRO work !

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thank you djtartak :pray: :smile: