Utility pole


(jakaboxjumping) #1

Latest scene, made to go in my portfolio application for university.

(ClarkusMarkus) #2

Pretty nice.

(Member) #3

Nice work man…

(jakaboxjumping) #4

@Kadraeus @BuildJordon

(strapazie) #5

Very nice :slight_smile:

It is reminding me of a photo I took in Iceland, just mirrored :smile:

(alf0) #6

nice work !!!

(jakaboxjumping) #7

@Alf @strapazie
Wow, it does look very similar!

I updated the render, after recieving some advice:

I think I’ll leave it at this, so I can move on to more things.

(GarageFarm.NET) #8

I kind of feel the cuming storm in this one…

Jarek D (DJ)

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

Impressive work, you’re #featured! :+1:

(Zak Gre) #10

Really nice work. Congratulations!
Btw, did you use pre-created hdri map for this one? Or procedural one?

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(jakaboxjumping) #12

@garagefarm @Felixzs

That’s very reassuring for my visual effects application!

The sky in the background is a back plate, which came with the HDRI from https://hdrihaven.com/. Since I wanted to go for realism, I’ve found its almost always best to use a HDRI, so I went with it!

(rombout) #13

Its really nice scene, but the lighting is kinda weird :slight_smile:

If i look at the backplate and look at the horizon, it looks like the sun is coming from there and almost down. Yet the the hole scene and powerline is lit super bright from the right side from a of cam object???

DOnt get me wrong i really digg this scene, I just find the lighting a bit awkward. Unless there are 100s of big as spots there for this shot :wink:

(jakaboxjumping) #14

Thanks for the feedback!
I see your point, although the back plate is in the same position as it would be in the HDRI is in the scene (I haven’t used any other lighting), the plate is just scaled a tiny bit larger to hide a building, so it should be still accurate to the original environment image.
You can see the buildings i was avoiding below.
Again, I see your point, so I think that the wire is probably too shiny so it is something I need to keep in mind!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #15

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(jakaboxjumping) #16

Thank you!!

(vjoe1985) #17

Very nice. In the top picture, I’d say the paper signs on the poles are a bit too bright and clear- some wear and tear on the corners would help. Also, just my preference, but I think more “imperfections” in the poles would help, less of a perfect cylinder shape.

(Erik Selin) #18


can I ask you how you did the grass? I mean, creating the grass is probably pretty simple but what I allways come back to is the viewport performance while working on it. It’s a constant lag for me and waiting for blender to lead time and time again. Do you just work throug it or what tricks do you use to make it workable?

Nice work btw! I like the detailing on the pole and the colors. The grass could use some more veriety. Someone is keeping that lawn quite clean.

(jakaboxjumping) #19

I think you are absolutely right! I should have spent longer on it!

(jakaboxjumping) #20

I used child objects in the particle settings. There are two grasses really, general grass (a group of three sorts selected randomly) and the grass around the base, both separate with different weights associated to length and density.
I hide the ones I’m not working on, and if I don’t I set the child view count between 1 and 10 rather than over a hundred it is in the render. The main grass has about 10thousand (from memory) so it isn’t slowing down the viewport much.

You are right, I forgot to add in the randomness colour. It’s a hard line to know when too much randomness in nature starts becoming unnatural so I’ll look closer at references for next time.