Well, this is the beginning of a long journey. And since I can’t foresee the end of the journey yet, I thought I already post this stage as a finished project.
‘Utopia’? …exactly. :wink:


Very nice! But this is dystopia not utopia…

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:wink: …yep.

“Brutal” utopia :no_mouth:

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A Journey indeed. Love it, first one is amazing, second one too dark. Amazing detail, something I would love to make myself one day.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh, wow! Thanks a lot Bart. :smiley:

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Thank you, BlenderNoooooob.

The second picture was just to show that the apartments have lights and interiors. I could have made the interior lights a bit brighter, though. :wink:

Wonderful work here!

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Are the apartments procedural/randomized or did you have to build each one individually?

Thanks Calzaath.

I built 14 variations of apartments (plus some ‘stick on metal units’), which I arranged in different formations. And then I added details like laundry and canopies.

Wow amazing project!

Thanks a lot, m.rizky.fauzi. :pray:

It’s actually just a very small part of a much bigger project… :wink: