Uuuuu-laaa (war of the worlds)

Feeling nostalgic. Basic primitives for now. Hope I finish it sometime. Would be nice if I had some better reference than the blurred / small ones I’ve tracked down.


No, I’m not wanting to recreate the 2005 movie ones… this one is going to be of the Michael Trim variety, for Jeff Wayne’s classic cover design.

Looks good so far!

You’re looking for an image like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WayneTWOTW.jpg ?

If you need a bigger version of that same image, I could try to track down my copy of that album and scan it for you.

That Uuuu-laa noise always freaked me out when I was listening to the album.


I remember listening to that as a little kid and being terrified. That “uuuuu-laaaa” sound still sends me diving behind the sofa (despite also finding it hilariously camp as a grown-up).

The model is looking really good.

A larger version of the cover http://www.pip-utton.com/putton/13_TWOTW%20Cover%20web.jpg