UV Bounds, Cartoon Edges and Undeletable Data blocks

Hi everybody, i have been using Blender for a good time now, and since 2.49 i can’t solve some problems or little details, no matter how much i goggle i can’t find a solution that can stand for me:

1.- UV blurring, i made a model for gaming purposes, i have no problems so far with GE rendering the textures, but i also wanted some renders with Blender Render, the thing is that the intersections between edges show one pixel far from the UV texture boundary, most noticeable in the hair.

http://img717.imageshack.us/i/testil.png/ http://img571.imageshack.us/f/screenshot3o.png/http://a.imageshack.us/img717/3749/testil.png

I tried with the different filter options that the panel offer, like Minimum Filter option or the different type of filters, i know this kind of things aren’t new as thread in 3D softwares, but i can’t find the way for solve it in Blender 2.53, it would be fine anyway if it’s possible disabling the filtering option at all, as i want the graphics to be as pixeleated as possible (part of the project) , btw, is not finished yet as i’m still modeling and texturing this character.

2.-Other thing i’m missing from the old blender are cartoonish edges, i know it’s possible now with nodes (something that i’m not good at =C ) as much as i read and try to understand the very known tutorial with the headphones, i can’t apply that knowledge to my own convenience. Alternatively i do work copying the same mesh and invert the normals, but i think is not the best way because what i’m doing is duplicating every object and this provably consume the double of memory that i normally would have to use, i will not ask for an alternative way, but a simple tutorial for the cartoonish edges even if i have to use nodes, is something that i certainly will appreciate

3.-This is provably what keeps me torturing since 2.49, i can’t delete datablocks. It’s for my understanding that once orphaned, the unused data is just deleted from the .blend file once re-opened or renamed or saved as another project, but i can’t get ride of unused materials, textures, modifications to brushed and grease pencils and other minor data that is not neccesary anymore inside various of my .blend files, since i always modify a .blend file to use as the main template, some data is stored, data that i used for adjust settings or test functions and nope, is not set to be ‘stored even if no object is making use of it’ -[F]- button) any suggestion here?

No complains from Blender, indeed, is quite a pleasure work with it =p, greetings!

http://img717.imageshack.us/f/testil.png/ http://img571.imageshack.us/f/screenshot3o.png/

i don’t like look noobish, but ‘bump’ please, if i can’t find the answer here then i don’t know where else i can go.