UV... can't figure this; [SOLVED]

Hello folks,
I am having a little difficulty in getting a UVtexture to show up in the render.
I’ve used my poor searching skills in the forum to try to get a clue and I just don’t get something.

My problem is that the best render I can get seams to have just the barest hint of my UVtexture pic but is mostly default-gray.
I don’t know a good file storage site, or I would post the file. If you know of one tell me and I’ll post it, one that doesn’t have a rip-off TOS (terms of service).

I’m sure this is something realy small and probably quite common. If it helps; My texture pic is mostly white with some redish marbling-lines, (cake frosting), on a simple round cake shape.

Thanks in advance,

Make sure you put everything right in the UV/Image editor and that you put on ‘UV’ in the ‘map input’-menu.

Otherwise: post a printscreen (you can attach images to your messages).
One picture can make things clear what 1000 words can’t.

Maybe some pro’s or even a noob (like me) can help you then.

Thanks gallardo,
here is the screneshots of as may veiws of the buttons as I can manage
and a render.
Thanks for your attention on this. I simply want to send a self ‘baked’ cake to someone that had a birthday a few days back.

Always trying to learn…

[EDIT, same day]
It turns out that it was my lights. I don’t know why but when I played with the lighting I finaly got the colours to come out. Thanks for your interest Gallardo. now I can send my birthday card/pic.


No thanks! (I actually didn’t even help you ;))
Good to hear you worked it out by yourself.