uv coord. seem wrong when I export the model

The model has some faces that I have uv mapped. When rendering in blender the faces that are uv mapped are textured mapped and the faces not uv mapped are not textured mapped. I have exported the model to vmrl2, obj, Directx, and povray files. However all but povray from povanim models seem to uv map the non uv mapped faces also. They seem to get uv’s of 0 and 1. How can I stop this? Converting model formats is so fun :slight_smile: To bad there is not a standard that contains all modeling features (uv, bones, animation, etc.) and that every program can read and write.

Actually, your model in Blender does have UV coordinates for every face, it’s just that some aren’t linked to the texture file or they have a different material applied to them which doesn’t utilize the UV coordinates. By default each face takes up the entire texture space from the corner of (0,0) to the corner (1,1). Can you delete the coordinates in the other app your’re using or tell it to ignore those faces?

Well I need a povray file for rendering and a vrml file for online interactive viewing. I was hoping to to just use the vrml file from blender, but the vrml viewer wants to apply the texture to all the faces. The vrml file seems to only have one material defined in it. Bug?

Maybe you could scale the remaing faces’ UV coordinates down so small that they would appear to simply have a single color applied to them. Maybe there is a part of your UV image map that has the correct color that you want to apply to the rest of your model?

Is it good or bad for povanim ?

I say it is good for povanim and bad for all the other exporters.