UV coordinates animation?

I would like to know if is possible to animate UV coordinates.

Note that I’m not talking about uv texture animation.

You asked the question in the wrong thread

I don’t think you can animate UV coordinates. But you can animate the frame offset of a texture. So it is possible to cleverly create an animated texture that shifts to the correct location at a specific time giving the illusion that the UV coordinate moved.

Yes, you can. With a wonderful addon called AnimAll. Just enable the addon, go to edit mode, find it in the Toolshelf (T), enable UVs and unwrap & insert keyframe all you like

Thanks! Now I have another question. How can I use this animations in BGE?

I’m sorry, I’ve seen that only now. There’s two animation threads. I would ask to moderation to move the post to the correct thread.

Thanks! Now I have another question. How can I use this animations in BGE?

You can animate different properties in BGE using the F-Curve actuator, but the animated UV isn’t one of them. You’d have better luck with an image sequence

I prefer to have only one image with medium or high resolution then a sequence of low resolution images to save memory and improve visual quality.

I would like to use use the Animation in UV/Image Editor but it works with tiles.

I will try to animate the offset was said by Atom.

It not works in BGE. I think that I can do it with python but I prefer to avoid the scripting for something that must be simply. Someone knows another way to do that?