UV data: connected to Materials? Objects? Faces?

Trying to get a better conceptual handle on UV methods:

when one makes a UV map, to which data block (?) is it connected? The Object? The “slot”? The Material?

UV works with Faces
and it happens that materials are also using faces!

so when you unwrap you could assign a UV per material
or select all faces and unwrap one UV map

happy bl

it is mesh data

Thanks for replies…

So, I have an object with two distinct parts. It’s a “well”, and the wood roof & crank are one material, and the stone wall another. I’ve separately UV unwrapped both parts, but there is only one UVMap entry in the Mesh data tab. The wooden and stone bits have their own Materials.

Does one have to pre-generate a UVMap before unwrapping to get multiple UVMaps on a mesh? I used Smart UVProject and I think perhaps it automagically added the UVMap entry, because I sure didn’t.

Short version: how do you get multiple UVMaps into one Mesh object?
Well_only.blend (960.6 KB)

Sorry i missed your reply

what do You mean by multiple UVMaps?

Same face unwraped in multiple ways?

If You connect two objects with same UVMap channel name it will merge them