UV editor discussion

I think, Blender UV editor is great.
But we can improve it with good ideas.

I think the 3d cursor in Blender is a very good thing. In UV editor we need a “2d cursor” and we need same functions like in 3d window, like transform orientation, cursor snap etc.

What do you think?

i vaguely remember someone mentioning it on the mailing lists. i think its one of those ideas everyone thinks is a good idea.

Yes, it’s a great idea. I’ve been thinking about posting it myself. It would help me greatly.

good idea
i read something like this in plumiferos wish list

another good idea is being able to select edge loop ( like Alt+RMB in edit mode )
and edge slide if possible

Yes, it would be good. For me, it would come in handy when you clamp the points to stay inside the grid and scale because say you have a square in the upper left. If you scale, it stops scaling when you hit the edge but I want it to keep scaling outwards from the corner. Instead, I have to scale, move, scale, move. Ideally it would do this automatically in which case I wouldn’t need a cursor much because pins seem to make nice layouts anyway but it would do in the meantime.

Other ideas:
-fade texture to black by %
-UV copy/paste

I’d like to be able to select some vertices/edges/faces in the UV Editor, and for it to select the corresponding vertices/edges/faces in the 3D View. :eyebrowlift:


These are great ideas.

I would like to see these ideas implemented also:

  • stretching visualisation
  • UV face layout output (snapshots) for more than one unwrapped objects
  • full implementation of real-time preview of unwrapping (not just rt: 8 code in Anim panel as actual state is)

You may be interested in this UV open-source tool (Roadkill), in fact based on Blender UV code:

@Mystery: turn on Active Face Select. C. selecting a face in either 3D or UV highlights the corresponding face in the other window.

@Endi: any texture can be animated by pressing I in the Materials window. This includes the RGB color values for the material as well as the Col affect a texture has (via All Mapping).

@Endi: There is a UV manager script that allows you to copy/paste UV layouts across different objects, as long as the meshes are same/similar.

@Endi: there is a snap to pixel option in the UV

@Endi: transform orientation is accomplished by selecting the face and pressing R in the 3D view.

I think it would be great if it could interact with the materials a bit more.

I think it would be great if it could interact with the materials a bit more.

Could you translate this to plain English, please? I am not quite sure what you are meaning by this.

I know about that, but highlighting is different to select :wink:

Also on top of that, it can only be done with 1 face at a time.



  • full implementation of real-time preview of unwrapping (not just “rt: 8” code in Anim panel as actual state is)

yeah, i think the same - there is really no reason to keep it locked up. it’s so fantastic…

it’s strange that on blender.org one can see this feature, without it being real implemented in an actual release…



I’d love to have the opportunity to work on the UV’s of several objects at once. If putting more than one object into UV-mode is not possible, a display of shadow meshes from other objects would help al lot.

Currently I do the little “join and seperate”-dance, and i’d really like to get rid of that step! :rolleyes:


In XSI there is a very good function: multi object edit! Entering edit mode will edit all the selected objects! Very good function.

That mode doesn’t help. All the faces have to be selected before you see the UV faces. One specific problem is if you have a couple of UV faces not joined to anything. You can’t select them to see where they are on the model. This can happen when you have normals pointing the wrong way.

How it could work is that with the shadow mesh on, selecting faces on it made the corresponding faces in both the UV editor and model active but only those faces.

Right ! I think in UV Calculation panel should be button: “real-time calc” for enabled / disabled this great feature !!!

Why is a great feature???

In real-time showing process of creating UV mapping… help to projecting it. Do you tried it ???

  • it would be very helpful if there were the option to repeat the image outside the 0…1 area so that it is easier to map textures which are supposed to be tiled (for game levels,…).

  • i really dislike the dotted line drawing style of the uv-editor and face select mode. this could look much nicer!

  • face select mode should be removed. i think it’s cumbersome to have an extra mode for this.