UV editor

in the UV editor is it possible to remove some of the little square map

like after doing the unwrap some extra faces shoudl be removed from UV map?

and how do you do that ?


What extra faces do you mean; could I see a screenshot?

ok you do an unwrap you can see all the UV map inside the UV edito
see pic

and suppose that you unwrap to many faces and need to remove some
i know that you cold move theses outside the pic but i would prefer to remoe or delte theses to get a clean UV map if possible

unless the only way is to erase everything and redo it


It depends on what you want to do. Are those extra faces supposed to have a different texture/material, or do you just want to get rid of them in the UV editor window so that they don’t bother you?

If the latter is the case, look at the menu in the UV editor window: “UVs” - “Show/Hide Faces” should do the trick. Also, only the faces that are selected are visible in the UV editor, so you can just deselect the unwanted faces.

Also, note that the UV coordinates aren’t restricted to [0,0] - [1,1], so if you moved a face out of the image, it would still be textured, according to the texture settings.

one trick is to select several vertices and scale them to zero… so its seems like they are only one single dot. You can place it in an unused corner in your uvmap …

The way to get faces not to show up in an unwrap is simply not to have them selected at the time. You could add the faces you want UV-mapped to a seperate material or vertex group, or surround the faces you don’t want selected with seams, so the uv mapped won’t pick them up when you use Select Linked in face mode, or you could just deselect the faces every time, if there are few enough. And the other recommendations are excellent, including the show/hide faces thing. I didn’t know that existed. XD

may be this requires a lot more planification then i tough

and may not be entirely explain in the WIKI
when dealing for instance with multi UV texture on several material
and this seems not to require Vertex group
the Texture is assocaited more with the material then the vertex group as i saw in one thread about this.

well when you have let say a model like an animal but cannot get a complete image of the whole animal but in 2 parts supposed the head neck and the rest of the body

soyou bascially need 2 materials with 2 UV textures

but if you don’t set seams and you unwrap the body and apply on UV texture to it
then do the same for the head you end up with 2 materials with 2 UV texture

now if in the body you want to get rid of some UV faces like the tail an dont really want to apply another UV to it - let say you need to apply something like Hair particule to it
but you forgot to not select it but when you unwrap it it will be there anyway

so you need to move out of the UV Fsces out of of the picture for this tail part and do it another way

but i’ll look at this Hide face thing this might be a good idea to get rid of theses faces
without having to redo the whole UV map

Note: i wish there was a little more examples in the wiki page it would a lot easier to learn from it!

Thanks Guys

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you need two different UV unwrappings. You can use one UV map in which the head & neck unwrapping and the body unwrapping share the same space.

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can you give some details i dont follow what you’r trying to show here !

how can you use the same UV unwrap in 2 Texture channel
meaning 2 Images loaded if you can do one unwrap
i’l take another example suppose on the head you have 3D ear shape
you could probably make enough seams and do one unwrap of the whole head
including nose ears but i guess there might be a lot of distorsion in UV map !

i was tralking about the thread from Poissant

using several mat and texture to work with
which is not explain i think in Wiki pages for UV

also in the UV editor how do you erase the loaded file image ?
i mean i deleted the UV map in F9 but this doe not get rid of old image in UV edfitor?


Here’s a simple example. This figure has two materials, ‘Body’ and ‘Head’:

The head and body faces are unwrapped separately, and share the same UV space. The head image is painted over the head faces, and the clothes over the body faces:

Each image is used as a texture for the corresponding material:

But there is only one UV map (the usual ‘UVTex’):

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it looks like a good example

i could ask 20 questions about it but instead
can you upload this file so i can look at all the detail with the UV image
you use

i would like to study it in details and if there is any questions then ill 'be able to refer to this file

Happy blendering

<shrug> OK, if you think it will help. Here is a stripped down .blend, with packed images.

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splitUV.blend (214 KB)

now that’s an interesting way of doing things!

i can see 2 files for the UVmap and there seems to be only one UV unwrap

my first question is how did you create the 2 unwrap into on UVtexture!

and is there a way to see the unwrap for the 2 parts ?
i mean unless you pre define some vertex group or is it with material?

when i select the head with material i can see the unwrap in UV editor
but don’t see the righ image under it and cannot select i with the menu
any reason for this ?


Well, the whole point is that it is really just one unwrapping. Select just the head faces, and unwrap. Then invert the selection and unwrap again. The two partial unwrappings will be done independently.

and is there a way to see the unwrap for the 2 parts ?
i mean unless you pre define some vertex group or is it with material?

I’m not sure what you are asking - there are no vertex groups, and the materials can be set up either before or after you do the unwrapping.

when i select the head with material i can see the unwrap in UV editor
but don’t see the righ image under it and cannot select i with the menu
any reason for this ?

Yes, that can be confusing. The image displayed in the UV/Image editor is the one for the active face, and selecting faces by material doesn’t change it. To get the ‘Head’ image displayed, select one of the head faces individually.

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Ok This way of creating has something weird
it’s not like the Multmaterial and multi image i; vseen before
cause you don’t even use the Map input panel to spec which UV map is used!

got the right face with the image !

but there must be a way to set the proper image with the unwrap !

how can you tell if the first unwrap will go with the first material or the second one?

byt he way do you remember how to erase the file in Image UV editor i tried to X it
but it wont go away ?


there is only ONE uvunwrap. You don’t need to specify specific ones. If you select all of the faces in the mesh, you’ll see that they’re all sitting together, layered over top of each other in the image window, BUT, one material uses the HEAD part of the mesh with the head texture, and ONLY the head part of the mesh, so all the faces it uses are correctly UV-mapped for the head. The UVs for the body are ignored because they’re not being used, currently. The body material is the same, it only uses the faces and texture for the body, it doesn’t make use of any of the faces that are unwrapped for the head, and since the body picture is completely different from the head picture (with its shape matching the unwrapped body part of the mesh only), it fits together nicely. Switch back and forth between the head and body part of the mesh, and bring up different images in the UV window, and see how they match up.

And I’m not sure how to get rid of files in the image uv editor. I never figured out how.

more details

with this set up
we got one unwrap and 2 mat 2 textures
so here it looks like the image goes with the material by default

now supposed that i want to make another UV tex
i guess that i have to do it from the F9 and add one more UV text
then uwrap into this new UVTexture

but is there a way to do that directly from the UV editor?

for the UV image i hope someone can find a way to get rid of theses picture!
it’s bothering more than anything else