UV Export Problem

I’m having a problem trying to export from blender

I can get the model to export fine but when it comes to the vu coords
things get wierd
as far as i can tell the Uv coords for Panda3d are per vertex, which i

can access through the sticky option in blender
this is what i have…
Is there somthing I’m missing here?


uv coordinates from blender are per vertex in the face

anything that allows seams in the uv map is doing the same thing, not having per vertex uv coordinates

so, in each face, for each vertex there should be a corresponding uv coordinate

I’m not sure exactly what you mean

the format is

1… (cords)(uv coords)

v1 v2 v3…

How do i magically take the “uv coords”
from the face definition and pack it into the vert definition?

for vert in mesh.verts:
    this "would" seem ideal because I have the right # of  vertices to store
    vertex_uv = vert.uvco
    file.write("VERTEX_UV %f %f" % vertex_uv[0]...)
so instead 
for face in mesh.faces:
    but i cannot pack the value returned from this under the verticies
    with out going over the actual #of verts
    face_uv = face.uv
    file.write("VERTEX_UV %f %f" % face_uv[0]...)


bad way: create a new vertex definition for each vertex in each face

better way: look for verticies in faces which have the same uv coordinates

I did both ways in my psk exports

in the psk format a vertex like the you mean is a vvertex [aka a wedge]

Okay Thanks for your help!
I have one more question
what is the list returned form mesh.faces[#].uv ? is it the
xyz->(UV) for a a single vertex?


each element in it is the uv coordinate (two element list) for the vertex with the coresponding index in the face

face.uv[0] corresponds to face.v[0]
face.uv[1] corresponds to face.v[1]
and so on, and so forth