UV Export

Please, could someone help me with the theeth’s UV export script? It works fine with the original UV_Export.blend, but it does not with ANY other objects. The script always render a blank white square. Where is the mistake?
Thanx for your reply.

I just did a test with the current CVS and a brand new blend file and it worked ok.

You made sure the faces where uv mapped corectly?


With the obj selected hit ‘F’
Open Image window
Hit ‘U’ in 3D window and choose ‘From Window’
In image window hit ‘A’ and ‘S’ to scale projection to required size
(If you use any projection other than ‘from window’ drag polys to where you want them)
Hit ‘A’ again to initialize UV mapping
In 3D window hit ‘F’ to leave face mode
Open script window and run the script

Tested in 2.23 and 2.31a


Thank you. Unfortunately i was hoping, it works bit like an unwrapper or something like this i was hoping, it will make a grid which i can use later in 2D application to create an exact texture. So i was wrong.
But thanx anyway :wink:

So i was wrong.

Wrong again (if I understand you correctly?)

The white background with red lines that is ‘exported’ by the script is a .tga image of what the camera sees. Which is exactly this:

it will make a grid which i can use later in 2D application to create an exact texture.
To get a pic of the rear of the object just hit Ctrl-7,3 or 1 and export another pic. Now you can paint back and front.


Hey guys,

Materials have never ever been my strong point in 3d so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction on how to UV map images. I’ve gotten the script to work fine but I don’t know how to use that image or what exactly to use it for.

Any help is VERY much apreciated!


Long tut on UV mapping, really newbie friendly.


Thanks theeth!

Now to find something a little more advanced!