UV Face Select help

Hi :slight_smile:
In “ UV Face Select “ I have to work and change one face, first one selected
Ex: if I need change all object faces to “Alpha” I have to select and change face by face
Can I find way to change all faces in same time?
Or have someone script to do that’s?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You should be able to select more than one face at a time by holding shift and right-clicking or selecting all of them by pressing A.

yas i know that and didn’t working … try it :smiley:

You can press W in face mode with all faces selected to make choices for all selected faces but unfortunatly I dont think alpha is there. You probably have to do it face by face. What are you doing that you need many alphamapped faces?


select the desired faces and settings and press the Copy Draw Mode button

thank these is exactly what i need :smiley:
and thank to all :smiley: